How To Play Joker338 Soccer Betting Online

How To Play Joker338 Soccer Betting Online

Discussion About How To Play Joker338 Soccer Betting Online Online Soccer Betting has a lot of interest in many Online Bettors in Indonesia. With the development of Online Football Gambling Betting, many new players still do not understand how to count in this game. Following below, we will directly discuss some guidelines on how to play Joker338 soccer betting online :

Not only are Handicap and Over / Under bets popular, some players play soccer bets such as Odd / Even, 1 × 2, Double Chance, HT / FT and what the player really likes is Correct Score. This article will review the steps of playing and understanding of bets that are on the Trusted Football Site.

The Super Combo menu is the same as the mix parlay, but in this place there are more choices because you can put the ball parlay and basketball / baseball

• Odd / Even
The meaning of Odd / Even is Even and Odd. When applied to a soccer bet, the game is to guess the number of goals for the two teams whether the numbers are even or odd. This game is so simple, Kei Calculation is the same as Handicap.

• 1 × 2
The 1 × 2 game is to guess what the final result of the game is finished with the Host wins, draws, or the guest team wins and there is no fur-furan.

• 1 = Host (home) -> means we choose the winning host
• x = Draw -> means we select the game to finish drawing
• 2 = Guest (away) -> means we select the winning guest team.

Example: If you want to choose Switzerland to win, then you just click 2.46 odds (under the number 1). The score for the match is 2-0, so your bet wins, and the calculations are like this: (2.46 – 1) x 100 thousand = 146 thousand plus 100 thousand capital.

• Correct Score
The goal of betting betting Correct Score (Terka Score) is to guess the final result of one match.

➢ 1. Choose 1: 0 meaning Score must be 1: 0
➢ 2. Choose 2: 5 meaning Score must be 2: 5 (Host 2 and Guest 5)

• Overall Goal
Overall Goal, from just a few words we already know the meaning of this bet, which is to predict the number of goals that take place in a match, which is calculated is the whole goal either from Team A or from Team B who are competing. So it’s not predicting the score 1 – 0, 2 – 0 or 2 – 1 and others.

That’s where the difference with Correct Score, if the overall goal predicts what the total number of goals that take place in a match, so in Correct Score is predicting what is the score that takes place in a match.

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• HF / FT
The meaning of HT / FT betting is to guess the results of the first set match & combine it with Fulltime results, until said HT / FT (half time / full time).

Here is an example of HT / FT odds in Brazil’s inaugural World Cup party.

➢ 1. H = Home = The Host Team wins
➢ 2. D = Draw = The match result
➢ 3. A = Away = The guest team wins

If you place HH, it means that the first set is won by Switzerland (regardless of the score) & when the match is over, finally won by Switzerland (regardless of the score).

➢ 1. The results of the HH match example, the first set score is 1-0, the match score is still 1-0.
➢ 2. The results of the HD match example, the first set score 1-0, complete the match score 1-1.
➢ 3. Results of the HA match, the first set score is 1-0, the match score is 1-2.

• DH = Draw, Home
• DD = Draw, Draw
• DA = Draw, Away
• AH = Away, Home
• AD = Away, Draw
• AA = Away, Away

For winning calculations, it’s the same as 1 × 2 & Double Chance, all odds are reduced by 1 and then multiplied by the bet.
Example HH, odd 3.70, if your guess is correct, the calculation is as follows:
(3.70 – 1) x the amount bet (100 thousand)
2.70 x 100 = 270 thousand.

• First Goal / Last Goal
This opportunity we will review the first goal and last goal
we take the example of the match, AS Roma VS Juventus, with AS Roma: Team Home and Juventus: Away (Opposing Team).

First Goal / Last Goal is a bet on which team will get the first goal (first goal) and the last goal (last goal).

If the first goal is an own goal, then that does not include the count as well as the goal count after the own goal.
If the last goal is an own goal, then that is also not included and what is seen as the last goal is the goal before the own goal.

OUTRIGHT / SPECIALS is bet / bet to select the league champions, world cup champions, top scores, and so on.

Calculation Steps: If your bet / bet wins and you make a bet / bet of 100, so the number of wins that you find is = (100 x Odds Value) – 100. If your bet / bet you lose, then the value of the loss is the same as the bet value / bet you are working on. So the calculation formula when winning is: (The amount is Bet x Odds Value) – The amount is Bet