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How To Play Joker338 Soccer Betting Online How To Play Joker338 Soccer Betting Online

Discussion About How To Play Joker338 Soccer Betting Online Online Soccer Betting has a lot of interest in many Online Bettors in Indonesia. With the development of Online Football Gambling Betting, many new players still do not understand how to count in this game. Following below, we will directly discuss some guidelines on how to play Joker338 soccer betting online :

Not only are Handicap and Over / Under bets popular, some players play soccer bets such as Odd / Even, 1 × 2, Double Chance, HT / FT and what the player really likes is Correct Score. This article will review the steps of playing and understanding of bets that are on the Trusted Football Site.

The Super Combo menu is the same as the mix parlay, but in this place there are more choices because you can put the ball parlay and basketball / baseball

• Odd / Even
The meaning of Odd / Even is Even and Odd. When applied to a soccer bet, the game is to guess the number of goals for the two teams whether the numbers are even or odd. This game is so simple, Kei Calculation is the same as Handicap.

• 1 × 2
The 1 × 2 game is to guess what the final result of the game is finished with the Host wins, draws, or the guest team wins and there is no fur-furan.

• 1 = Host (home) -> means we choose the winning host
• x = Draw -> means we select the game to finish drawing
• 2 = Guest (away) -> means we select the winning guest team.

Example: If you want to choose Switzerland to win, then you just click 2.46 odds (under the number 1). The score for the match is 2-0, so your bet wins, and the calculations are like this: (2.46 – 1) x 100 thousand = 146 thousand plus 100 thousand capital.

• Correct Score
The goal of betting betting Correct Score (Terka Score) is to guess the final result of one match.

➢ 1. Choose 1: 0 meaning Score must be 1: 0
➢ 2. Choose 2: 5 meaning Score must be 2: 5 (Host 2 and Guest 5)

• Overall Goal
Overall Goal, from just a few words we already know the meaning of this bet, which is to predict the number of goals that take place in a match, which is calculated is the whole goal either from Team A or from Team B who are competing. So it’s not predicting the score 1 – 0, 2 – 0 or 2 – 1 and others.

That’s where the difference with Correct Score, if the overall goal predicts what the total number of goals that take place in a match, so in Correct Score is predicting what is the score that takes place in a match.

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• HF / FT
The meaning of HT / FT betting is to guess the results of the first set match & combine it with Fulltime results, until said HT / FT (half time / full time).

Here is an example of HT / FT odds in Brazil’s inaugural World Cup party.

➢ 1. H = Home = The Host Team wins
➢ 2. D = Draw = The match result
➢ 3. A = Away = The guest team wins

If you place HH, it means that the first set is won by Switzerland (regardless of the score) & when the match is over, finally won by Switzerland (regardless of the score).

➢ 1. The results of the HH match example, the first set score is 1-0, the match score is still 1-0.
➢ 2. The results of the HD match example, the first set score 1-0, complete the match score 1-1.
➢ 3. Results of the HA match, the first set score is 1-0, the match score is 1-2.

• DH = Draw, Home
• DD = Draw, Draw
• DA = Draw, Away
• AH = Away, Home
• AD = Away, Draw
• AA = Away, Away

For winning calculations, it’s the same as 1 × 2 & Double Chance, all odds are reduced by 1 and then multiplied by the bet.
Example HH, odd 3.70, if your guess is correct, the calculation is as follows:
(3.70 – 1) x the amount bet (100 thousand)
2.70 x 100 = 270 thousand.

• First Goal / Last Goal
This opportunity we will review the first goal and last goal
we take the example of the match, AS Roma VS Juventus, with AS Roma: Team Home and Juventus: Away (Opposing Team).

First Goal / Last Goal is a bet on which team will get the first goal (first goal) and the last goal (last goal).

If the first goal is an own goal, then that does not include the count as well as the goal count after the own goal.
If the last goal is an own goal, then that is also not included and what is seen as the last goal is the goal before the own goal.

OUTRIGHT / SPECIALS is bet / bet to select the league champions, world cup champions, top scores, and so on.

Calculation Steps: If your bet / bet wins and you make a bet / bet of 100, so the number of wins that you find is = (100 x Odds Value) – 100. If your bet / bet you lose, then the value of the loss is the same as the bet value / bet you are working on. So the calculation formula when winning is: (The amount is Bet x Odds Value) – The amount is Bet

Guidelines For Joker338 Soccer Gambling Prediction Tricks Guidelines For Joker338 Soccer Gambling Prediction Tricks

 Discussion About Guidelines For Joker338 Soccer Gambling Prediction Tricks For people who have tried or won online gambling, surely they will say that online gambling is very interesting. What’s more now playing gambling can be done easily for people who want to try their luck. The ease can be seen by playing, Registration until managed to play it.

Back when you played online soccer gambling, you had to come to the place of the soccer gambling arena. As technology develops, you don’t have to think about it anymore. You are only required to access from your gadget that is connected to the internet.

Nowadays you can find tons of online soccer gambling agent sites on the google search engine. One of them is a football betting site that is being played is SBOBET. Until now many online gambling sites that have sprung up on the Google search engine that you can get. But with so many online soccer gambling sites popping up you are required to be far more careful or choose online soccer gambling sites.

If you choose wrong, of course there will be a loss that you get here. So from there we advise you to be careful .SBOBET is a worldwide betting site that provides 500 markets every day that you can prove. Football is the most popular betting market.

In playing sbobet in general you also have to have a place to play. Many sbobet agents in Indonesia and provide sbobet accounts so you can play this sportbook game. Besides football, there are also other sports such as golf, tennis, boxing and other markets that you can see.

♦ Tips to Win Playing SBOBET Online Ball Gambling
As in general you certainly want to win, so we will provide tips on winning playing soccer online.

– Pay attention to the team that you want to make bets on. By knowing the ins and outs you will have a much greater chance of winning compared to just as long as you choose.

– Don’t make large amounts of odds. Another tip that will help you bring victory is never once with a large number of odds on SBOBET’s own bet ods is the odds ratio called the market. Well, in gambling compared to small odds have a greater win ratio than big odds.

– Always pay attention to the voor from the SBOBET team, the term voor itself is DEFEAT. If there is a SBOBET betting team that gives a voor to their opponent this shows that the soccer team has the power to win more.

Online football betting lovers certainly understand very well how to get easy wins when placing SBOBET soccer bets. The bettor will look for predictions of the results of a soccer match first so that the chance of winning is higher.

But not every ball predictions you can use as a basis for placing SBOBET bets such as 1 × 2 SBOBET, SBOBET Mix Parlay, Over Under SBOBET. A reliable ball prediction must also pay attention to the SBOBET odds or also the existing SBOBET handicaps. Following below, we will discuss some of the guidelines for Joker338 soccer gambling prediction tricks :

• Follow the most updated football news
When a championship takes place, various things related to the event will be informed by many soccer news sites. Follow the development of predictions based on data.

• Analysis of Head to Head online soccer betting
In predictions of soccer matches, there is usually a head to head analysis. This analysis informs about the performance between the two teams that will compete and look at the history of each team’s past matches to help you make a decision in taking online soccer gambling.

Head to head predictions generally provide information about the most prominent teams in the game, this is seen from the frequency of wins, losses and draws from the game ever made. Of course, head to head statistics in ball predictions will help you to choose a stronger team when betting.

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• Host or Guest Team
In addition to information related to head to head from the team, there is also an analysis in the form of football victory predictions related to the power of home and away to help you follow online soccer gambling. This analysis is done by looking at the performance of a team when playing at home or away.

• Look at the League Standings Provisional Position
Other predictions, you can see the position of the standings so that you can determine accurately online gambling bets. Information on the standings shows the last performance of a team that will play, of course, the superior team has excellent playing consistency in several matches, while the less prominent team is shown by inconsistent results in playing.

• Seeing Individual Player Performance and Team Performance
Another SBOBET prediction is an analysis of the performance of each player in a soccer team. The analysis informs you about the health of the player, the eligibility of the player, the injury suffered by the player and the accumulation of yellow cards and the penalty for being given a red light while on the field. This analysis certainly provides accurate predictions because the results of a full team will be superior to teams with key players who cannot make the game.

• See the Internal Conditions of the Football Team
In addition to individual analysis of players, the internal conditions of a team contribute greatly in making predictions of the results of a soccer game. Analysts look closely at conflicts that occur within the team because they directly influence the performance of the game.

• Pay attention to the type of competition that is taking place
The type of competition also needs to be considered when posting online soccer gambling. You can see the level of each competition, for example the team that will play in a large event such as the Champions League will certainly play a game with maximum ability, while the team that plays in the Friendship Game certainly has a different technical when on the field.

Complete Guide Tips To Play Dragon Tiger Joker338 Online Complete Guide Tips To Play Dragon Tiger Joker338 Online

Discussion About Complete Guide Tips To Play Dragon Tiger Joker338 Online Dragon Tiger Gambling Game is an Online Casino game that was first successfully introduced in Indonesia, this game can also be found and played at every Online Casino. Joker cards or wild cards are not used in this game. The cards are distributed using a Blackjack box which is usually able to hold six to eight sets of playing cards.

This game is not like other Online Casino games. In this game Dragon Tiger Joker338 Casino Online players do not play against other players but play against dealers or bankers. This game aims to let players choose the right card in either Dragon or Tiger Joker338 Casino which gets the highest card. Cards will be dealt as much as 1 piece to Dragon & Tiger Joker338 Casino.

In this game players will be given time to place bets on the choices provided. Then the banker will draw 1 card for the dragon and 1 card for Tiger Joker338 Casino. The order of the cards with the highest to lowest scores in the Dragon Tiger Joker338 Casino game is as follows: K> Q> J> 10> 9> 8> 7> 6> 5> 4> 3> 2> 1 (As). Which means that King is the card with the largest value while Ace is the card with the smallest value. The following below, we will discuss about some complete guide tips to play dragon tiger Joker338 online :

➢ 1. The Smallest and Lowest Dragon Tiger Joker338 Casino Card Order Value is
US – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – Jack – Queen – King

➢ 2. The Dragon Payment Value is – 1: 1
For example (Pair of 200,000 players will be paid 200,000 without deductions)

➢ 3. The Value of the Tiger Joker338 Casino Payment is – 1: 1
For example (Pair of 150,000 players will be paid 1500,000 without deductions)

➢ 4. Value of Tie Payment Is – 1: 8
For example (Pair of 35,000 players will be paid 280,000 without deductions)

• Payment Type of Betting Dragon Tiger Joker338 Casino:

↬ Tie (Series) – If there is a Tie (Series) in play, the dealer will return a portion of the player pair itself.
↬ Dragon – When in the game the player places a bet on Dragon. Then at the end of the game if the player wins, a 5% commission cut will be given to the banker.
↬ Tiger Joker338 Casino – When players place bets on the Tiger Joker338 Casino pair. Then the player is entitled to get paid according to the pair he pairs and is not affected by the discount.
↬ Dragon Odds – If a player places a bet on Dragon Odds. Then the player is entitled to get paid according to what is on the dealer table 1: 0.75
Even Dragon Even – If the Player installs Betting on Dragon Even then the player is entitled to get paid according to what is on the dealer table 1: 1.05
Red Dragon Red – If the Player installs Betting on Dragon Red then the player is entitled to get paid according to what is on the dealer table 1: 0.9
Black Dragon Black – If the Player installs Betting on Dragon Black then the player is entitled to get paid according to what is on the dealer table 1: 0.9
↬ Player Odds – If the Player installs Betting on Player Odds then the player is entitled to get paid according to what is on the dealer table 1: 075
Even Player Even – If the Player installs a Betting Player even then the player is entitled to get paid according to what is on the dealer table 1: 1.05
Red Player Red – If the Player installs Betting on Player Red then the player is entitled to get paid according to what is on the dealer table 1: 0.9
↬ Player Black – If the Player installs Betting on Player Black then the player is entitled to get paid according to what is on the dealer table 1: 0.9

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• Card and Payment Order Value

• Terms and Conditions :
Each shoe must discard 1 card. The first card will be opened, and the card that is
will be discarded based on the first card (J, Q and K will be considered as 10).

Error at the start will be corrected if it does not affect the game. And vice versa, will be canceled on the shoe and no one will be replaced. It all depends on the situation, management policy to cancel the game on the results of the shoe.

• Burn Cards
➢ 1. 1 card will be discarded before the game starts on each hand.
➢ 2. Errors in card disposal / Burn Card will result in cancellation of results on certain hands. Corrections will be made if they do not affect the results in the existing game.
➢ 3. Management has the authority to cancel hand errors. All results will be specified.

• Yellow card
➢ 1. The last hand for the game card will be marked with a yellow card (Dealers Cut).
➢ 2. If a yellow card is closed between 2 cards, the game on the running card will be the last hand.
➢ 3. If the game ends and the yellow card is burned for the next game, the last game will not start.
➢ 4. Additions to the hand will be made after the last hand will be declared canceled or not valid.

• Open Card
➢ 1. Each game if there are cards that are open (a few cards are open) during the game will cause cancellation on the hands and shoes.
Decisive action will be taken by management as card opening during shuffling, this depends on the stage of shuffling and the number of open cards.
➢ 2. Cards that are opened during the start or burnt cards will not affect the game.
➢ 3. In the History of the Dragon Tiger Joker338 Casino Game, the Player will not be charged by the Commission for Dealler because of each pair. Winning Dragon or Tiger Joker338 Casino will not be charged a discount to Dealler. But if the result of the game is Tie (Series) then the bookie pair or Tiger Joker338 Casino will be subject to a 50% discount from the total pair of players.

So many articles from us that have discussed the complete tips to play gambling dragon tiger Joker338 online which of course you must understand before you play the game on the site Joker338 online.