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Highest to Lowest Poker Card Combination Arrangements Highest to Lowest Poker Card Combination Arrangements

Highest to Lowest Poker Card Combination Arrangements – Maybe you have read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, the following is the arrangement of the highest to lowest poker gambling card combinations.

The rules for playing poker are 5 cards that are in your hand and at the table, then pay attention to the cards on the table and in your hand, the problem is that there are so many levels of cards, you can say that none of our cards enter there are some players who use tricks scrambling the opponent but things like almost 80% lose. play using tricks and formulas so that you don’t fall into the trap which in the end will make your money burn, but now we will examine the arrangement of cards from the highest card to the lowest value card:

  • The card with the highest value, namely the Royal Flush, the Royal flush is a card arrangement that has a number or numbers with the same leaf starting from number 10 to card A. This card can be called the KARTU KARTU.
  • The Straigh Flush Card Is: A card that has consecutive numbers or numbers with the same leaf but not up to card A, of course if the name until the ace card is called Royal Flus as I reviewed in the first point.
  • Four of Kind Cards Are: Arrangements of cards that have four numbers or the same numbers plus one card with different numbers, if you get a card like this it’s not bad, now it is headed to the next card illumination.
  • Cards Called Full House: Is a card arrangement that has the same 3 cards plus the same 2 cards which is called Full house, cards with this arrangement are quite common friends in the world of online poker.
  • The cards that are called Flush are: The arrangement of five cards with the same leaves but the numbers are random, aka not the same, but if you have cards that are arranged like that and you still have to control if you have a flush card but with the leaves on the table it’s just different one be careful too who knows who has a flush with a higher card value, for example, for example, for example, friends flush cards 2 and 5, while there are flus with the support of Q, 10, or K cards especially if the flush card is against A, of course we are the losers … tepapi just be sure to yourself sometimes if our card has flushed heavily when it is folded hehe.
  • Straigh Cards Are: A series of five cards that have different leaves but with consecutive numbers, for example, 2 3 4 5 6, 8 9 10 J Q and so on.
  • Three of Kind Cards Are: Arrangements of cards that have three numbers or the same numbers I give a special example for my Indonesian poker partners: QQQ, AAA, 888, 222, JJJ, and so on.
  • Two pair cards are: a hand that has the same sequence of two numbers + 2 of the same numbers and plus one card with a different number.
  • One Pair Card Is: An arrangement of cards that have two cards with the same number plus three cards that have different numbers or numbers, for example, it can be seen with friends later in the image section below.
  • High Card Is: A series of five cards that are not consecutive either from the leaves or the numbers are not the same and are not consecutive in sequence either. It’s only called a high card, even though it’s a really weak card.