Recommended Beachside Hotels in Lombok

Recommended Beachside Hotels in Lombok – The hotel is one of the best places to be able to enjoy a long vacation and vacation time. Hotels are also commonly used to relax. What does it feel like when you wake up in the morning directly to see the beach? Very refreshing, isn’t it? Not only do you get a view of the sea and beach, you even step on the beach sand as soon as you leave your room.

Recommended Beachside Hotels in Lombok

1. Segara Lombok
Segara means ocean. The name is right because this hotel faces directly to the ocean with 180 degree visibility. You can see Serangan Beach and Selong Belanak Bay from Segara Lombok carinew.

Carrying a cool tropical concept, Segara Lombok is suitable for those of you who crave lodging with charming views. There are several spots that you can use to relax, such as under an umbrella by the beach.

2. Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp
This hotel gives a sensation like staying in nature with the beauty of Tanjung Beloam Beach which is so beautiful. The naturalness of the beach even looks like it has never been touched by humans. Located within 55 hectares of teak forest, Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp is the perfect destination to escape the noise of the city. The hotel rooms are cottages overlooking the sea.

3. Bumbangku Beach Cottage
This inn which is located on the shore of Bumbang Beach, Central Lombok has two types of rooms that you can choose from. Some are made of bamboo with thatched roofs, and some are permanent buildings.

All rooms come with a terrace area with refreshing tropical views. This hotel is also perfect for your honeymoon destination, you know!

4. Amber Lombok Beach Resort
Located along the turquoise coast of southern Lombok, Amber Resort is a beach lover’s dream. Visitors will be spoiled for choice with delicious food, cocktails and cool surroundings.

You can also enjoy swimming in the pool near the beach. The beauty on offer will make you want to come back again and again.

5. Heaven On The Planet Resort
The naming “paradise” for this hotel is an apt description. Located above Ekas Beach, it provides an unusual experience for you to enjoy nature.

This hotel provides a complete range of services for its guests. Among them are yoga, massage, restaurants and others. For those of you who like surfing sports, you really must try the services provided by this hotel. Ekas Beach waves become a challenging location for these activities.