best sport for heart health

Use This Exercise to Improve Heart Health – Nowadays, there are more and more people who want to have a healthy and awake body for whatever they want to do and will also produce the desires they want to achieve and also become one of the best choices at the appointed time.

Combined with diet and other healthy lifestyles, exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy heart. In a study of sedentary or passive adults, those who switched from no physical activity to one hour of active exercise per week, their risk of heart disease was reduced by almost half.

Use This Exercise to Improve Heart Health

1. Circuit training
Instead of just sitting still, it’s better to do sports movements such as circuit training. Circuit training is an interval sport that combines strength, speed, and flexibility, such as push ups, planks, sit ups, jumping sancarlospowersports jacks, jump rope, and so on. Circuit training is believed to increase heart strength and lower blood pressure, so it is recommended for people with heart disease.

2. Swimming
To fill spare time, swimming is the right choice. Swimming can make the lungs and heart healthier. You can apply some of the recommended swimming styles such as freestyle. Swimming, like aerobic exercise, can strengthen and enlarge the heart, making it more efficient at pumping. That way, blood flow throughout the body becomes smooth. Swimming 30 minutes a day can reduce coronary heart disease and can reduce blood pressure.

3. Lift weights
Lifting weights or barbells is important for heart health. Besides being able to burn fat and build muscle mass, weight training is also good for bone and heart health. However, it is necessary to pay attention to when doing weightlifting exercises, namely adjusting the tempo of the movement.

Doing this exercise for about 30-40 minutes per week can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia. Even though the body seems to be aerobically inactive and only focuses on building muscle, weight training also burns a lot of energy, so it can prevent obesity and provide long-term health benefits.

4. Run
Running is the easiest and cheapest exercise anyone can do. But everyone has a different intensity when exercising running. There are low, medium and high. This is adjusted to the ability of your body, yes.

Diligent running will have a significant impact on health, such as increasing good cholesterol, reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis, reducing the production of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, increasing blood circulation, reducing the risk of thrombosis, and increasing blood volume in the body–all of which are related to health. heart.

5. Yoga
Elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels are caused by stress, anxiety, poor diet, and lack of physical activity. The American Heart Association revealed, meditation is one of the recommended activities to prevent heart disease. If you really don’t want to do strenuous activities, try doing yoga.

Meditation like yoga is a physical exercise that emphasizes breathing, focus, and meditation. Practicing yoga brings awareness to the body, mind, and emotions that harmonizes physical and mental health. Yoga builds cardiovascular health, increases lung capacity, and improves respiratory function, heart rate, improves blood circulation, builds muscle, and reduces inflammation.