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These are The Common Health Problems That Occur When Dieting – Everyone will go on a diet to be able to easily get a body that is ideal for anyone who wants to get it.

Planning for a wedding is an important thing, various things are done to beautify yourself to do a diet to lose weight. The wrong diet and without assistance, can make the bride and groom lack balanced nutrition or be in a poor nutritional status.

One of the risks arising from poor nutritional status is the birth of babies with stunting conditions. Preparation of knowledge about marriage is important to prepare the bride and groom towards the wedding process. One thing that needs to be considered is the readiness for pregnancy. According to Dr. (H.C) dr. Hasto Wardoyo, Sp. OG (K), the process of human creation occurs very quickly at 47 days of gestation. This means that it takes physical and mental readiness towards marriage to be ready for pregnancy diverzebooks. However, what if the bride and groom apply the wrong diet? Here are 3 Threats of Health Problems Due to the Wrong Diet for Bride and Groom.

These are The Common Health Problems That Occur When Dieting

1. Low Body Mass Index (BMI)
The condition of the bride and groom’s weight affects the body mass index. A very thin bride-to-be is at risk of having a malnourished pregnancy and giving birth to a stunted child. A normal body mass index is 18.5-25.

2. Small Upper Arm Circumference (LILA)
Upper Arm Circumference (LILA) is one indicator in determining a person’s risk of chronic energy deficiency (KEK). Chronic energy deficiency means a prolonged lack of nutrition. For pregnant women, the minimum standard for LILA is 23.5 cm. This chronic lack of energy is also able to affect the health and condition of the fetus to the point of being at risk for Low Birth Weight (LBW), premature birth and stunting in infants.

3. Anemia Conditions

Anemia is a condition of lack of protein and red blood cells called hemoglobin (HB) which is less than 12 mg/dl. From the 2018 basic health research in preventing stunting, it was stated that there was an increase in anemia conditions in adolescent girls at 32% or more than 7.5 million Indonesian teenagers experienced anemia. Anemia also causes fatigue, tiredness, lethargy, weakness and weakness. Anemia that occurs in pregnant women is at risk for stunted fetal growth, low birth weight (LBW), premature babies, and congenital abnormalities.
From these various kinds of dangerous conditions, consuming healthy food and meeting the daily needs of the bride and groom is important to maintain health towards marriage. The food needed is in the form of foods that contain protein, vitamins and minerals and blood-boosting tablets are needed to prevent anemia. Consult an expert if the bride and groom need a healthy and correct diet. Understand the minimum age limit for marriage for prospective brides, which is 21 years for women and 25 years for men, so that marriage readiness is accompanied by physical readiness to get pregnant